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American Curl cats - the best cats breed at the world :)

"American curl is a very special breed. First of all people see only their strange ears. Some find they look sweet, some think they look weird. Most people fall in love with curls because of their charming baby faces. But only after they start living together they find the best part: extremely affectionate personality of American curl "

BEFORE as you choose a KITTEN,
You should READ the following INFORMATION.

Prices of the American Curl breed/show-class expensive,
its connected with difficulties of breeding and the rarity of the breed.

pet - 100 - 300 $,
breed / show as pet - 500-1000 $, (ONLY AFTER castration / sterilisatin)
breed/show with breeding rights 1300 E - 5000 $ ....
!!! >>> without breeding rights, as pet - only AFTER sterilisation

Price depends on the exterior of a kitten, colors, bloodlines, age, potential for breeding and its individually.


  • Kittens are ready to move for their own families at earliest three month old . They are checked by vet, health quaranteed, vaccinated and dewormed.All kittens leave the cattery vaccinated (x 2 times) Tricat against feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus and feline panleucopenia + Rabies shot and dewormed (x 2 time) and with transfer of individual registration.. All vaccinations are registered and have international veterinary certificate.

  • Our kittens can eat both natural meal (chicken fillet, beef, milk products and dry feed of super premium quality Royal Canin *FR

  • Kitten may be chipped for the request of the future owner.

  • Kittens without breeding rights are sold AFTER spay / neuther.

  • All kittens from our cattery are sold with a written sale contract AGREEMENT (.doc)
    AGREEMENT (.pdf)

    =>Most of our excellent kittens are sold without breeding rights, is "For the soul". Please inform me for the first - you want a kitten : for breeding (breed or show) or NO (AFTER sterilization, as pet or show-alter)

    Liked kitten can be reserved after the buyer making a deposit - 1/3 of the total cost for the cat. Reserved kitten removing from the sale list. Worldwide delivery. All shipping costs paid by the buyer.

    Our cats club RUI ( Rolandus Union International) .
    I sell my kitten only to live indoor! or full close territory. All kittens are first of all a member of your family. (No cages!) I can sell the animal for breeding, but only for reliable catteries with good reputation and !!! DO NOT SALE for ANY MIXING breeding programm .

    If You are interested for someone kitten, don't hesitate to call or mail me. I hope you tell me something about You and Your family and what kind of kitten you try to find. :) All contacts are welcome!

    When you buy a cat with breeding rights (for breeding)
    give me please the such information:

    1. Name
    2. country and city from which you are
    3. you experience in breeding cats
    4. cattery name
    5. how many animals do you have in your cattery
    6. site address (if you have)

    We are always ready to help or advise on every problem.


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